Mr. Howard Manis
Investment Partner
Legal Advisor

Howard F. Manis, Partner.  Howard has been practicing bankruptcy and insolvency law (creditors’ and debtors’ rights) and commercial litigation since his call to the Bar in 1993.
He provides legal advice to trustees in bankruptcy, receivers, banks and other financial institutions, landlords, trade suppliers and debtors (both corporate and individuals) in all aspects of insolvency law, including bankruptcy, proposals, reorganizations and restructurings, enforcement of security, and in protecting rights outside of insolvency proceedings.  His practice also comprises secured and unsecured debt enforcement for private and institutional lenders and manufacturers and distributors in the sporting goods industry. In addition, Howard has a strong commercial litigation expertise where he regularly acts for both plaintiffs and defendants on behalf of corporations and private individuals in a wide range of sophisticated commercial disputes, including but not limited to, securities issues, shareholder disputes and interpretations of business agreements.

Mr. Thomas Tsoi
Investment Partner 
Business Advisor 

Mr. Tsoi has a university education, and holds the following positions: 
Treasurer of Markham-Unionville Federal Liberal Association, 
President of Debt Help Centre (over 10 years working as an insolvency counsellor, current Senior Advisor for Money Broker (over 5 years),  Partner and Advisor for Phoenix Depot International Inc. 
Mr. Tsoi is well versed in the history of China and his knowledge of his homeland got him a lot of respect from the communities of China and Hong Kong. He is well respected at all levels of Canadian business negotiations, and his reputation with the Chinese community of Canada is outstanding. He was a fund-raising Chairman for the Chinese Archway in Toronto.

Mr. Robert Low
Project Development

Robert Low was graduated from Ryerson University with a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was also holding a double bachelor degree in Administrative Studies and Computer Science with York University. Robert established the Card Transaction Services Inc. which provide merchants POS retail system, debit/credit bankcard system and ATM networking. Robert has strong experience with knowledge of POS technology and industry.  He also has strong communication, affiliation, and negotiation skills. His expertise in engineering and POS system will provide a great knowledge base and know-how for Phoenix’s mobile fuel stations development in North America.

Advisory Board

Mr. Francis Ko
Business Development

Francis Ko is an expert in facade industry covers a vast range of experience in project coordination, site management and implementation of quality control system. He was the pioneer for Far East Aluminum which was the first Asian curtain wall company to operate in Canada. He successfully established offices and projects in Canada, Dubai, and Singapore, by resolving different issues during project cycle with profession, dedication, and integrity.