Mr. Eric Wong B.Sc.
President & CEO

Eric Wong is an entrepreneur in the renewable energy and material recovery market establishing credibility and leading the charge in the renewable technology industry from early on in his career.   His proven track record of success has been recognized with awards by his peers and associations alike.
In 1996, Eric established Manlot International Inc.  The company successfully operated a metal recycling business focusing on Canada and China until 2009.  During this time, he enriched his experience in the industry and gained a valuable insight into important and benefits of limited global recycling and material recovery industry. 
In 1999, Eric co-founded Geo Energy Canada Inc. as a joint venture with a Chinese corporation to create a geothermal company.  The focus was to promote Canadian renewable energy applications through geothermal technologies for Asia.  By 2000, he has successfully introduced a geothermal exchange system in China and installed the company’s first vertical system of geothermal in China using Canadian heat exchange technology.  By 2004, Geo Energy Canada was ranked in the top four of the best renewable energy companies in China. 
In 2006, Eric began looking into the concept of converting scrap plastic to oil.  This is when the concept of recovering the oil from hydrocarbon waste products started to take shape. 
In 2010, Eric co-founded Phoenix Depot International Inc. and introduced the Phoenix Renewable Oil (PRO) project to the market.  After several evolutions of the PRO system design and an award-winning demonstration project, the complete system is for a commercial project.
Phoenix was a winner of StartMeUp HK in 2013 and Ontario Green Business Leader Award in 2015.

Ms. Amy Li

Amy is an entrepreneur and successful businesswoman over the last 20 years.  Her diverse business experiences range from textiles design and manufacturing to starting multiple restaurants to owning and successfully operating a recycling business.   
She possesses an instinct for opportunities and is not afraid of the hard work or patience required to reach success.  As a business owner, she has managed all aspects of operations from sales, administration, human resource management,  corporate finance in both domestic and international markets.
Amy cofounded Phoenix to fulfill her ambitions of building a more environmentally conscious and sustainable world for the future.  Her understanding of the recycling industry and her knowledge of plant operations played a key role in the development of the Phoenix business model.
Amy is a seasoned expert in multitasking and is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantone

Mr. Francis Ko
COO & Director - Business Development 

Francis Ko is an expert in facade industry covers a vast range of experience in project coordination, site management and implementation of quality control system. He was the pioneer for Far East Aluminum which was the first Asian curtain wall company to operate in Canada. He successfully established offices and projects in Canada, Dubai, and Singapore, by resolving different issues during project cycle with profession, dedication, and integrity.  

Management Team

Mr. Bill Cheng P.Eng.
Chief Technical Engineer

Bill Cheng is a licensed professional engineer with the Professional Engineers of Ontario designation in Canada since 2005.  
He is also a licensed professional engineer in Germany and China.
Bill has over 30 years experience spanning Canada, Germany, and China in chemistry engineer, mining engineer,  industrial engineering, design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of heavy equipment and their facilities.  
His focus and passion are the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies that promote conservation and the efficient promotion of material processing and engineering technologies.