Clean-Tech, Innovative, Revolutionary

Technology that converts waste plastic to gasoline and diesel fuel


At Phoenix we take the “waste out of waste” and turn it into gasoline and diesel that meets or exceeds ASTM standards. We do this using our proprietary, patent pending technology that recycles waste plastics, scrap tires and converts them into clean fuels.

Phoenix has more than ten years’ experience developing recycling processes for oil-based products. The company’s mission is focused on cleaning up and reducing landfill sites while delivering useful clean fuel products. The company’s vision is to make the environment a better place for our children.

Located in the high-tech corridor of Markham, north of Toronto, Canada, Phoenix has more than 10 years experience developing oil-based products from waste. Our technology, called Phoenix Renewable Oil [PRO], converts even the plastics that current recycle and reuse programs cannot resell and instead end up in municipal dumps or incinerators. 


Phoenix Renewable Oil PRO™ is a technology designed to recycle waste plastic and scrap tires and convert the materials into pump-ready diesel and gasoline employing a proprietary technology that takes 30 tons of this type of waste and turns it into 11,000 liters of diesel, and 5,000 of gasoline depending on the waste stream. The by-product is carbon black powder, which can be sold. It is a zero-emission technology.


Phoenix has built an operational system for demonstration at its Markham facility and invites interested parties to make an appointment to visit. Recently the company entered into an agreement to supply diesel and gasoline to a major fuel distributor in Canada operating 260 outlets in seven provinces. So we are ready to build commercial scale plants capable of processing 30 to 50 tons of municipal waste and provide an outlet for the fuels we produce.

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