Non-recyclable plastic waste contamination  


Plastic is made our life extremely convenient! However, most of the plastic products life is very short as one-time-use and over 40% are plastic packaging. The problem is the vast majority that is non-decomposable plastic. This is a very serious problem and extremely burden to the earth!

The latest research shows that global plastic production is amazingly high. It is over 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic products being produced for the past half century.   Over 70% of these plastic has been abandoned as garbage. 2016 over 480 million tonnes of petroleum oil used to produce plastic which is about 8% of annual cured oil production. Researchers urge human to clean up this "plastic planet”. before it’s too late! 

If we do not change the habit of using plastic, experts estimated that Earth will accumulate a total of 34 billion metric tons of plastic products by 2050. Plastic pollution will further damage the ecological balance of the ocean, land and affect water. Plastic is going into the food chain and it will finally end up on our dining table some day. [ See Solution Page for more >> ]